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Just recently I made my first large purchase of an item to rent for parties and events. Yes, I am a florist and I design flower arrangements, bouquets, etc. but a lot of times there are certain items that are used to compliment or provide a place for the flowers.

My quest for rental items began when a bride wanted a particular item for her wedding that I felt other brides would desire as well. In addition, it was something that fit my personal home decor and didn’t just have to be stored. I can now use the wine barrels that I purchased for everyday decor as well as for personal parties and make a little side money by renting them out for my clients. Most of all, I know have something more to offer which may make me more desirable. Through research, I have also found that some wedding venues are now purchasing certain items as well. These include dressors, chandeliers, chairs, votives, vases etc. to add to their venue but to also make available for the clients to rent.

There is definitely a benefit in having rental items available. It can save the client time and money. Time is saved by not having to go searching for desired items or having to store them and remembering to bring to the venue along with everything else. Money is saved by not having to purchase something that may not be reused or paying for shipping/driving costs.

Overall, it is so comforting in knowing that you can get a lot of what you need for an event all in one place.

What are you’re thoughts about renting?  What type of items would you want to rent?

Thanks for sharing!

Here is one rental company that may be worth checking out for more ideas or if planning an event in the area: Forever Vintage Rentals – Placerville, CA


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