Bringing outdoor Beauty inside

 It’s Spring Time! A time when we can enjoy warmer weather and a time change that allows us to be outside longer to enjoy our beautiful surroundings. I love going for walks with my boys and admiring all the vibrant colors  (ranuculas,dahlias,tulips) and powerfully fragrent scents (freesia) that are bloosoming all around us.

 Studies have confirmed that the presence of flowers boosts a person’s mood. What a great natural and healthy way of bringing a smile to  your face or better yet someone elses. This is simply done through a flower bouquet. And to make the smile even bigger, it is done at no cost.

Spring is my favorite time of year when such a diverse and abundent amount of flowers are popping up everywhere and all the trees and flowering shrubs are blooming. It is also a time that allows us to bring the beauty of our surroundings into our own homes and CELEBRATE THE SEASON.

How you say?

Simply gather fresh flowers and garden cuttings from your very own yard. And if you don’t have a lot to choose from yet, combine greenery with cut blooms. Now is also the perfect time of year to plant perennials and shrubs with attrative flowers and foliage that you can enjoy in years to come.

So what are you waiting for? Get out and plant or collect a few clippings and use your inner artist to create your very own bouquet!

And if your not quite ready for all that, then just take a moment to enjoy the outdoors and what is growing around you.


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Event Rentals

Just recently I made my first large purchase of an item to rent for parties and events. Yes, I am a florist and I design flower arrangements, bouquets, etc. but a lot of times there are certain items that are used to compliment or provide a place for the flowers.

My quest for rental items began when a bride wanted a particular item for her wedding that I felt other brides would desire as well. In addition, it was something that fit my personal home decor and didn’t just have to be stored. I can now use the wine barrels that I purchased for everyday decor as well as for personal parties and make a little side money by renting them out for my clients. Most of all, I know have something more to offer which may make me more desirable. Through research, I have also found that some wedding venues are now purchasing certain items as well. These include dressors, chandeliers, chairs, votives, vases etc. to add to their venue but to also make available for the clients to rent.

There is definitely a benefit in having rental items available. It can save the client time and money. Time is saved by not having to go searching for desired items or having to store them and remembering to bring to the venue along with everything else. Money is saved by not having to purchase something that may not be reused or paying for shipping/driving costs.

Overall, it is so comforting in knowing that you can get a lot of what you need for an event all in one place.

What are you’re thoughts about renting?  What type of items would you want to rent?

Thanks for sharing!

Here is one rental company that may be worth checking out for more ideas or if planning an event in the area: Forever Vintage Rentals – Placerville, CA

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Flower Care for your Fresh Cut Flowers

valentine photo

As one of the biggest Floral Holidays “VALENTINES DAY” approaches, I thought I would share some Tips on  caring

for your flowers to maximize their life and enhance the length of their beauty and aroma.


Here are some General Care Tips for mixed bouquets and other flower types:

1. Begin by cutting about 1 in. off the stem and removing any leaves that may be below the water line.

2. Be sure to keep the vase full of water and you add a tsp of sugar and about 3 drops of bleach to 1 quart of water to keep the water from getting cloudy and to help stop bacteria from growing. (Other items to add to water include: crushed aspirin, copper penny, vinegar and sugar, soda)

3. Re-cut the stems and change the water every other day.

4. As flowers wilt, remove them from the vase. (If you have any lilies, be sure to remove pollen as soon as flower begins to open so it doesn’t stain the flower or make it difficult to clean up later, this will also help anyone with allergies)

4. Finally, keep the flowers out of direct sunlight, heat and drafts.

Hint: Most people would assume these steps have been done prior to you receiving your flowers from a florist but on a busy holiday, where hundrends of orders are being delivered, they may not have had time. It never hurts to give your flowers a fresh cut and fresh water to sustain their life.

Hope this helps you enjoy those special flowers for as long as you can. Happy Valentines Day!


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Turning Words Into Reality

As we enter a new year, many people start to consider what they are currently doing and what they want to. I came across a quote today that made me stop, think and reflect. “Love the life you live, create a life you love.”

In the past year my life has changed tremendously. I went from a mother of one to a mother of two; I moved from my hometown city to a new town that was away from the friends and family; and finally I went from running a flower shop to becoming a stay at home mom. This last one has recently changed again to becoming a business owner. I have always lived an incredibly fulfilling life and loved every moment. Starting a new year is just another reason to continue creating a life I love with a new beginning. I plan to do this by working hard at what I love to do in designing flowers and growing my business while allowing me the opportunity to raise my boys. Here’s to a new year of loving life through the choices we make and making the best of what we have.

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Re-living special moments in time with the Holidays

As I drove back to my hometown the other day, I couldn’t help but stop at the local nursery in the San Fernando Valley where my mom used to get her plants for our flower shop. Walking in and seeing the vast array of green and blooming plants brings back many memories of being here with her and it was difficult to hold myself back from buying it all up.

This time of year it is filled with fields of red poinsettias that sit amongst other seasonal plants such as cyclamen, kalancho, amaryllis and christmas cactus.  The orchids are in full bloom and the vast array of color and smells brings forth such an uplifting spirit. One of the best parts is that I now get to share it with my 3 year old son. He is always so excited to be apart of what I do and help choose the best looking plant or help carry the fresh flowers we have picked. Just yesterday we were preparing christmas greens and he had he arms full hauling the pile over to a wagon to pull to our next destination. I enjoyed this time so much with my mom and I am blessed to now have my own family who shows such an interest in my work.

This time of year is a time for family and friends, making memories, continuing or starting traditions and embracing life and what we have.

“Decorating your home with scented greens accented with fresh flowers or a flowering plant can be a great compliment to your holiday home decor.”

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Preparing for your wedding consultation

Recently I have been in contact with many 2013 brides who are in the process of  planning and meeting with potential caterers, photographers, florists and so on. So, I thought I would take some time to give you brides out there a little insight in planning your meeting with your wedding florwedding

The first appointment is the “getting to know you” and finding out “where you are.” At this point in time you should have booked your wedding venue, as this sets the tone for the wedding and let’s you know what you may or may not need based on the surroundings and what the venue may provide.  You should also have a good idea of the type of flowers you like, the color scheme, who you want to wear or carry flowers and most importantly your style. Come prepared with pictures, magazine cut-outs, etc. of pictures you love… and those you hate. This is also a time where we will explore your budget. We will brainstorm and talk about different possibilities.  Categories to consider for  your wedding flowers are personal, ceremony and reception flowers.

Once a proposal has been written and approved a deposit is required to save the date. Between now and the wedding day changes can and will occur, so keep your florist up to date. About one month prior to the wedding we will discuss any further changes and confirm delivery times.

Finally, about 10 days prior to tying the knot we will tie up any loose ends and confirm the number of centerpieces, ask any last minute questions and arrange final payment.

Wedding flowers can vary greatly in cost and my job is to provide you with creative designs at a price you can afford.

Happy planning!

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Classic White Wedding at Angeles Crest Golf Course

Wedding season has slowed down and rather turned into a time of wedding engagements and planning. And amongst the busyness of the holidays often times the thoughts of planning your wedding can be put on the back burner. So, I wanted to share with you a special wedding to keep those wedding thoughts brewing.

The bride carried a stunning bouquet of solid white roses with a touch of white feathers and diamonds which accented her dress. The girls carried tight round bouquets of white roses and white hydrangea.  Flower girls held small hanging balls in white accented with green and the ring bearer carried a green rose flower pillow.

Hanging white flowers attached to shepherd hooks lined the aisle along with white roses petals. And awaiting the bride under an arch filled of flowers layed an initial representing her new surname. The centerpieces finished the room with white roses and hydrangea accented with the rich color of manzanita branches and the glimmer of hanging gems, softened with candlelight.

Special touches of the bride, from her old window seating chart and vintage signs to a money tree, made this beautiful celebration one of her own.

A special thank you to Carl Bringas Photography for capturing this beautiful day.



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Its Just the Beginning

Welcome to my blog. Just yesterday I was talking to a good friend who informed me that I should have started this “yesterday”. So, without waisting any more time, her I am beginning my journey into the blogging world. I don’t know much about it so please bare with me but at the same time I hope you enjoy what I have to share.

First and far most, I am a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband who reminds me to follow my passions and utilize my abilities. I have him to thank for leading me back into the flower business and giving me the strength, determination and belief that I can make something out of this on my own and need to.  Why not, right? We should do what we love and are good at and pass it on to others who can enjoy it in return. Second, I am an extremely blessed mother of two amazing boys who keep me on my toes and every day remind me what life is all about. As my mother has put it “Live the Dream.” She has instilled in us that life is too short and that we need to live it up, make the most of it and enjoy every moment we have. She is a living, breathing example of this and puts a smile on my face everyday. She lived her dream of owning a business and has guided me to do the same.

Finally, there is me. As a child I don’t remember having much of an interest in flowers or really even noticing them much but this could have been due to the fact that I grew up with three brothers. My adventure with flowes began when I was in high school and my mother convinced my father to buy the hometown flower shop. They didn’t know what they were getting into but as a family we would make it thrive. Over the twelve years we owned the shop, we tripled business and expanded our knowledge. Throughout these years I grew a special passion for flowers, their design and the effect they can have on people. One of my favorite quotes is “A room without flowers is a room without life.” The beauty, fragrance and liveliness of flowers has a certain affect on us and makes me want to be surrounded by them constantly, whether inside a room or outside in the garden.

Through this blog I hope to make you more aquainted with flowers and my passion for them. There is much to come and I know this will be quite an interesting experience. I know I will learn a lot from this process and perhaps you’ll learn something by reading my blog too. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or post comments. I can hardly wait to get feedback and dig deeper into the world of flowers.

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California native flowers

The native plants of California have incredible diversity and beauty. Depending on your area, there maybe several choices of natural plants. Working with a local Flower Market and a quick search on the internet you can locate those through many sources.

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