Flower Care for your Fresh Cut Flowers


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As one of the biggest Floral Holidays “VALENTINES DAY” approaches, I thought I would share some Tips on  caring

for your flowers to maximize their life and enhance the length of their beauty and aroma.


Here are some General Care Tips for mixed bouquets and other flower types:

1. Begin by cutting about 1 in. off the stem and removing any leaves that may be below the water line.

2. Be sure to keep the vase full of water and you add a tsp of sugar and about 3 drops of bleach to 1 quart of water to keep the water from getting cloudy and to help stop bacteria from growing. (Other items to add to water include: crushed aspirin, copper penny, vinegar and sugar, soda)

3. Re-cut the stems and change the water every other day.

4. As flowers wilt, remove them from the vase. (If you have any lilies, be sure to remove pollen as soon as flower begins to open so it doesn’t stain the flower or make it difficult to clean up later, this will also help anyone with allergies)

4. Finally, keep the flowers out of direct sunlight, heat and drafts.

Hint: Most people would assume these steps have been done prior to you receiving your flowers from a florist but on a busy holiday, where hundrends of orders are being delivered, they may not have had time. It never hurts to give your flowers a fresh cut and fresh water to sustain their life.

Hope this helps you enjoy those special flowers for as long as you can. Happy Valentines Day!



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