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Bringing outdoor Beauty inside

 It’s Spring Time! A time when we can enjoy warmer weather and a time change that allows us to be outside longer to enjoy our beautiful surroundings. I love going for walks with my boys and admiring all the vibrant colors  (ranuculas,dahlias,tulips) and powerfully fragrent scents (freesia) that are bloosoming all around us.  Studies have confirmed that the presence of flowers boosts a person’s […]

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Event Rentals

Just recently I made my first large purchase of an item to rent for parties and events. Yes, I am a florist and I design flower arrangements, bouquets, etc. but a lot of times there are certain items that are used to compliment or provide a place for the flowers. My quest for rental items began […]

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Flower Care for your Fresh Cut Flowers

As one of the biggest Floral Holidays “VALENTINES DAY” approaches, I thought I would share some Tips on  caring for your flowers to maximize their life and enhance the length of their beauty and aroma.   Here are some General Care Tips for mixed bouquets and other flower types: 1. Begin by cutting about 1 in. […]

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Classic White Wedding at Angeles Crest Golf Course

Wedding season has slowed down and rather turned into a time of wedding engagements and planning. And amongst the busyness of the holidays often times the thoughts of planning your wedding can be put on the back burner. So, I wanted to share with you a special wedding to keep those wedding thoughts brewing. The bride […]

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