Bringing outdoor Beauty inside


 It’s Spring Time! A time when we can enjoy warmer weather and a time change that allows us to be outside longer to enjoy our beautiful surroundings. I love going for walks with my boys and admiring all the vibrant colors  (ranuculas,dahlias,tulips) and powerfully fragrent scents (freesia) that are bloosoming all around us.

 Studies have confirmed that the presence of flowers boosts a person’s mood. What a great natural and healthy way of bringing a smile to  your face or better yet someone elses. This is simply done through a flower bouquet. And to make the smile even bigger, it is done at no cost.

Spring is my favorite time of year when such a diverse and abundent amount of flowers are popping up everywhere and all the trees and flowering shrubs are blooming. It is also a time that allows us to bring the beauty of our surroundings into our own homes and CELEBRATE THE SEASON.

How you say?

Simply gather fresh flowers and garden cuttings from your very own yard. And if you don’t have a lot to choose from yet, combine greenery with cut blooms. Now is also the perfect time of year to plant perennials and shrubs with attrative flowers and foliage that you can enjoy in years to come.

So what are you waiting for? Get out and plant or collect a few clippings and use your inner artist to create your very own bouquet!

And if your not quite ready for all that, then just take a moment to enjoy the outdoors and what is growing around you.



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